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"And what do you do?" an oft asked question. I scratch my head as I've been very busy, a Jackie of many trades and mistress of quite a few...
multifarious. Being a grumpy old bat and by swapping the a for u, creating multifurious, a very apt description of who I am!

...And so Man created God in his own imageā€¦
or is it the other way round?
Geneviv 06.18

'Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo'
Orson Wells

Always question.

'Is God a figment of our imagination?'
Alister McGrath

I own my own fury

What makes a land holy?

... make your own mind up!

Are we all losers?

...'Hysteria' is a wandering womb...

Why do we need to create enemies to define ourselves?
to give us stability, coherence in our lives?

Is Truth (my) relative?

Why do we always have to be right!