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'I Own You, You Owe me' A new piece to be shown at the open studios from 1st - 3rd June, evolving from 'You Own Me, I Own You'
It explores the theme of motherhood.

In its raw state porcelain is delicate and fragile.
The wire wool is stiff and strong binding the unfired porcelain sculpture together. When the sculpture is fired the wire crumbles and disintegrates and the soft, malleable porcelain solidifies, becoming the strength and stability in the sculpture.
And yet the fragmented metal weakens the porcelain.
In the heat of the moment they've swapped roles .
When the liquid glaze, the third element in the relationship, is added
it becomes the main solidifying and unifying element.

‘You own me, I owe you’ is about relationships.
It represents the complexity and chemistry of our differing reactions under the same circumstances, how one weakens, strengthens, affects the other, what glue holds them together, how control can play a key role.

A Symbiosis.
All is not what it seems.